The Adidas ZX Campaign

Airing on Aug 6th, the Adidas Originals campaign marked an exciting collaboration between Hypebeast and Builders Club, launching the latest range of ZX trainers.

Described by Builders Club as a “fusion of science and shoes; experimenting, testing and building our sneakers with our mega star talent Jackson Yee, So!YoON! and DPR Live, all 3d scanned,” we at OKAY STUDIO were thrilled to be involved, crafting the edit, colour grade, and online for the piece.

We trialled our new edit workflow on the project, what we’ve come to call “Edit Flex“, which meant the edit and 3D development were created and adapted simultaneously. This made for a challenging and arresting project and was a great success. The collaboration between production and post pushed the 3D elements and drew out greater detail and excitement throughout the narrative.

As quoted in LBB, Nikolaj Belzer, (the Co-Founder and Senior Editor at OKAY STUDIO) said:

“Working with amazing creatives like Builders Club is always fun and we were excited to try out a new streamlined edit approach with them on this Adidas project, which worked especially well during the lockdown period.

“Being involved early meant that I could work on the narrative whilst the shots were still being created, giving greater flexibility for shaping the edit, essentially making it a truly collaborative process! Furthermore this workflow helped tremendously when we went into grade and online, as I could chat with our colourists and online artists early and discuss challenges on that end. Essentially this also provided greater flexibility when going into post as we had to deal with a great number of films and cut downs.

“We are super happy with the final result and I look forward to doing more work with them in the future.”

For more information about the campaign and the creative process, you can find it all on LBB, Shots, and Stash.

Watch the release below: